If you have a production facility, then you know that:
You lose money when you don't fulfill orders exactly on time.
Your profitability is insufficient. You want to reduce costs, but it seems that all possibilities have been exhausted.
The system helps manufacturing enterprises automate production planning and production processes using artificial intelligence methods, simplifies record keeping, makes your accounting transparent and easy, allows you to increase profitability and fulfill orders on time.

We offer a solution to these problems using our product:
“CyberGild” is a self-learning automated core of a system for planning, managing and optimizing production activities.
Economic benefits:
Product advantages:
INCREASES work productivity by up to 30%;
We are looking for manufacturing companies that would be interested in implementing our solution. Perhaps you have other production tasks, contact us, we will help with a solution!
Self-sufficiency 3 months
We reduce equipment downtime;
We reduce the time for production planning;
User-friendly interface and easy connection;
We increase the energy efficiency of production.
We optimize labor resources;
REDUCES production cycle time by up to 45%;
REDUCES the volume of work in progress by up to 20%;
REDUCES energy costs by up to 30%.
Briefly about the product:
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Operational production planning;
Functions that are automated using AI methods:
Production dispatching;
Ability to plan equipment maintenance and repairs;
Operational planning of purchasing activities for production;
Control of production processes in real time.
What is the price?
The CyberGild license costs $95 000 of which you pay for the first month
only $4750
Key benefits:
Guaranteed self-sufficiency of our solution within 3 months.
Constantly increasing production efficiency.
Who are we?
We are an actively developing company. NPC Expa LLC develops software solutions for production automation.
Members of our team, which consists of high-level specialists, have MORE than 20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in entrepreneurship and business automation.
Let's get to know each other better and during a free consultation we will tell you what benefits the implementation of CyberGild can bring to your production!
Hurry up to implement our innovative product at a low cost.
Increase the profitability of routine processes!
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